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Established in 2003, Feimai Electric Co., LTD is located in the electrical capital of China- xinguang Industrial Zone, Liushi, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China. With high technical capabilities and production testing equipment, our company is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of electrical appliance, and we have many years of experience in supplying electrical appliance. As covering an area of 2000 square meters, our production area is more than 8000 square meters. . .


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We provide application solutions based on laser technology Choose your industry. the most suitable laser solutions right for you


Keep abreast of our latest developments

  • There have been several fire incidents in New South Wales in the last week or so involving solar power systems – and at least two are thought to have been caused by rooftop isolator switches. Yesterday, Fire and Rescue New South Wales reported it had attended an incident at a home in Woongarrah ...

  • DC isolator

    The best designed machinery in this universe is the human body. It has an excellent built-in self-defense and self-repair system. Even that highly intelligent system needs occasional repair and maintenance. And so does every manmade system, including solar PV installations. Within the solar inst...

  • A complete home solar electric system requires components to produce electricity, convert power into alternating current that can be used by home appliances, store excess electricity and maintain safety. Solar Panels Solar panels are t...

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